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Keeping It Light on Beer Day – Beers With Less Calories

By: Jhady Arana August 4th, 2017

Today is Beer Day and it’s also Friday! So we cannot, not celebrate it. We prepared a selection with the lowest-calorie beers available on the market.

According to the USDA National Nutrient Database, regular beer contains 153 calories per 340ml, while a light beer has 103 calories per 340ml serving. In addition to fewer calories, light beer has less than half the carbohydrates of regular beer. Regardless of the brand, light beer has fewer calories than regular beer. For example, a 340ml serving of Budweiser contains 146 calories, and the same size serving of Bud Light has 110 calories.


movesum beer steps

According to Movesum , it would take you 4891 steps to burn one can of a pretty caloric beer, which is a lot of steps, don’t you think?! Movesum is a step counter app with a handy feature that tells you how much you burn based on the amount of steps you take each day.


Check it out:


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