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Is It Possible To Be High On Exercise?

By: Fredrik Wernstal August 30th, 2017

Training and exercise have numerous health benefits ranging from improved mental health, reduced stress, depression, and improved cognitive performance, to cardiovascular and metabolic health. There has long been anecdotal evidence that training causes a kind..

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How to Do Anything: The Ultimate Life Hack

By: Femi Agbaje-Williams October 18th, 2016

You’ll never say never again.

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BRB, Gone Spinning | The Girl Who Hates Working Out

By: Femi Agbaje-Williams October 5th, 2016

If anyone ever tries to convince you that spinning and cycling are the same thing, show them this blog post. They’re not.

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The Water Workout Everyone Is Talking About

By: Femi Agbaje-Williams September 7th, 2016

Last year, in a very, very short-lived attempt to prove I was Lifesum-worthy, I tried Aqua Aerobics. It was fun. I was one of the youngest in the class, but I wasn’t the only one..

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