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Don’t Turn a Blind Eye to Superfoods

By: Jhady Arana June 30th, 2017


In the age of the digital device, blue light is everywhere. It’s emitted from our smartphones, our laptops and even the lights in our homes and offices. Over time, we now know blue light can damage our eyes – and even lead to blindness.

A new study shows superfoods play a vital role in protecting our eyes. Eating the right nutrients now, helps reduce our chances of age-related sight degeneration later on. We always knew we loved our superfoods!

Those clever peeps at Harvard University studied the effects of different superfoods on the eye health of more than 100,000 people over 20 years. That’s some pretty thorough science.

Want to know which superfood came out on top?

We’ll give you a clue. It’s not carrots.


AMD and superfoods




Image credit: Focus Clinics

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