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Only Eat When You Feel Hungry. Yes, We’re Serious.

By: Jhady Arana June 23rd, 2017

Lately we’ve been eating a little too much.

Scientists have often said that our bodies were not made to consume as much food as they do. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and another snack right before bed. That’s TOO MUCH! As I’m sure you know, our ancestors didn’t have supermarkets, they had to hunt. When you’re a hunter, not every hunt is a success (National Geographic can confirm this), so hunters often spend a few days not eating.

With the industrial revolution, the availability of food changes. Food was produced on a large scale, and the large availability and high accessibility of food meant people ate more (which is totally understandable, since eating is so good). All I’m saying is, we don’t need to eat as much as we do. It just became a habit and we need to address it, as it isn’t healthy.


How to reduce the amount you eat


1 – Only eat when you feel hungry, it’s that simple!

Enjoying pasta time

2- Eat smaller portions

White bowl of penne pasta with spinach and cheese

3- Eat nutritious foods that will fill you and satisfy you

Baby eating broccoli

4- Cook smaller amounts of food

I know that sometimes we cook too much and feel like we have to eat it all so it doesn’t go to waste, so the trick is to cook less food.


Girl cooking food

5- Share a meal! Cook for a friend. It’s also a great social opportunity.

Friends sharing a delicious pizza on a rustic table, they are holding a slice, top view

6- Always have fruit with you – if hunger comes knocking, eat it!

Climber Man eating apple during rest from extreme rock climbing

7- It can be a little challenging at first, but you can do it!


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