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If You Can’t be a Vegetarian, Meet The Stockholm Vegetarian

By: Jhady Arana May 5th, 2017

Yes, it is becoming a “thing”. Many Swedes are adopting this new eating modality.

Nowadays it’s quite well known that the consumption of meat produced in large scale has a large and negative impact on the environment, on the life of animals, and on our bodies and health. Lately, society as a whole has struggled to find a diet that doesn’t do as much damage as the current system does.

A considerable share of the population is used to eating meat at every meal, and because of that, being a vegetarian or a vegan can be hard for some people (I’d include myself in this category). In Stockholm, some Swedes have come up with something new: not being fully vegetarian, instead, only eating meat on certain days of the week, avoiding it as much as possible without having to fully deny the great pleasure of being a carnivore (hehe).


Would you give it a shot?



How to be a Stockholm vegetarian if you are a massive carnivore 



1 – Make a list of your favorite vegetarian recipes (you’ll be amazed by the amount)


2 – Search for recipes with your favorite vegetarian ingredients (I love egg, already have plenty of options!)


3 – Start cooking your favorite vegetarian recipes once a week for a month, in the second month double it, the third double again… keep on doing it until you feel like it’s easy.


4 – If you feel like you need to eat meat now, eat it, but plan a meal without it

(don’t give up)



5 – You don’t need to spend the whole day only eating vegetarian food, choose a meal, like lunch or dinner, it makes the task much easier.



6 – Instead of having a chicken sandwich in the afternoon, choose a fruit, juice or smoothie (You’ll still feel satisfied and it’s healthier)



7 – Don’t give up!



8 – Try to buy organic meat as much as you can (the planet says thank you)


9 – Try good vegetarian restaurants

(they’ll inspire you)


10 – Put all your culinary experiences in action and cook cool veggie recipes for your family and friends

(You can find many in our app)

11 – Encourage your friends to try! Having someone to share this experience with you, will make it more fun and easier.

12 – I guarantee that you will feel better for the environment, the animals and yourself.


I used to be such a carnivore that when someone mentioned a zucchini pasta they ate was delicious, I would laugh in their face (hehe). Now, I can truly enjoy vegetarian meals. Beef is the one I’m avoiding the most, because it has a large impact on the environment, but as a Brazilian, I just can’t refuse a barbecue now and then.

As we always say on the blog, it is a step by step process to reach your goal.

If you want to, you can do it!


By Jhady Arana

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